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Greenwich Mitzvah

Greenwich Mitzvah

Enjoy Your Greenwich Mitzvah In Grande Style

The thought of planning a Greenwich mitzvah can be quite overwhelming particularly when you are looking to make it meaningful. Interestingly, there are no hard-and-fast rules for organizing memorable mitzvah celebrations. However, the importance of making your guests understand that this isn’t just a glorified birthday bash is quite imperative.

This post is strictly organized for those who are feeling unsure, nervous, excited, overwhelmed or curious about planning their daughter’s or son’s mitzvah. Setting the right tone for your Greenwich mitzvah would surely leave a significant memory of the special day.

Organizing a mitzvah celebration event

After the successful completion of the formal religious ceremony organized for the Jewish boys and girls who have spent time studying Jewish laws, an entry ceremony is often held on or shortly after their 13th birthday – precisely on the Sabbath. This is mainly to signify that they have become adults responsible enough to observe religious laws with the rest of the community and also gives them an opportunity to formally associate with a religious society.

Also known as Simcha, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration comes after the formal religious ceremony has been completed. It is an event that is typically celebrated with family and friends. Sometimes, some families may be presented with the chance to participate in an extended family retreat in the Holy Land. However, it’s good to know that you can still plan and enjoy your Greenwich mitzvah in a very grand style.

Season your mitzvah event party to your taste

Like wedding receptions, you can organize your mitzvah party entertainment just the way you want it as there is no “one right way.” Based on preferences and budget, it is important to understand that entertainment presentations activities, games, timelines, and styles, as well as some optional items such as props, lighting packages, gifts, and so on, can vary greatly from occasion to occasion.

If you are looking to host a successful Bar/Bar Mitzvah occasion, it is good to understand that there different ways to keep your guests entertained without missing a thing. From the parents’ perspective, it’s all about having fun with the kids and keeping them busy throughout the event. This is the most interesting part of a good mitzvah party.

As part of your celebration, you might not want to miss out on the following event:

    Games and dance for kids Hora Father-daughter or mother-son dance Dinner Candle lighting ceremony Toast Motzi Bar-Bat Mitzvah Star Grand entrance of family Guests enter Cocktail-hors-d'oeuvres The last dance

Hosting your mitzvah in Greenwich

There is always a flood of mixed emotions while you watch your child grow up. But when they grow up to become that incredible and amazing person they choose to be, you soon become undeniably proud. This is when you begin to think about commemorating this once-in-a-lifetime milestone. There is no better way to achieve this than preparing a festive meal for your family and friends to enjoy. A basically, Greenwich mitzvah party is held to focus guests on the significant aspect of the special day.


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